Cookies policy

This website does not use profiling or third-party cookies. In some situation technical cookies are used, such as when the contact form is filled, just to avoid emptying the fields after a data validation failure.

According to the current law, technical cookies do not require previous acknowledgement to be used.

What are cookies?

Cookie are segments of information stored inside your computer from the web sites you browsed. Every time you visit a website, your browser sends the cookies previously stored by the same site (or by the web services used by that site) until the cookies expire or until they are deleted by other means.

Some curious tip on this subject:

  • cookies are part of the HTTP protocol and they are actively used on the web from more than 20 years;
  • cookies are stored and sent by your browser;
  • cookies are created on website request and they have a specific expiration date defined during their creation;
  • there are many other ways for profiling users, e.g. by tracking IP addresses or other personal data contained in the HTTP headers.
Cookie types

There are basically three categories of cookie.

Technical cookies are used for authentication, session monitoring and storing of information needed by the website. Without them, the website is unable to provide the service that it has been intended to provide. Their adoption is not subject to previous consent.

Profiling cookies are used to track users for enhancing the advertising strategy or to provide statistical analysis for the web administrators. They are not required for correctly browsing the website and must be enabled only after user consent.

Third-party cookies are created by external webservices (e.g., Google or FaceBook) not directly owned by the website administrators.

How to delete cookies

Being them directly handled by your browser, there does not exist an universal solution to delete cookies: every single browser has its own way to handle them.

You can search the web for a specific browser procedure, e.g. WikiHow has a selection of procedures to delete cookies from some commonly used browser.

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